The Region's 1st Choice For Auctions!

The Region's 1st Choice For Auctions!

Budder's Storage LLC - Storage Lien Auction

by Texas Auction & Realty


Friday, April 21st @ 9am - Central


2311 N. FM 51
Weatherford, TX 76085


Live Auction



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Conducted By

Texas Auction & Realty

PO Box 608
Weatherford, TX 76086

Phone: (817) 304-1052

Auction Listing

Budder's Storage LLC

Storage Lien Auction

April 21, 2017 - 9am

Currently 3 10x10 Units


Cash Only

Cash Only * $50 cleaning deposit

Budder’s Storage LLC - Auction Rules and Bidder Agreement

Bidder Registration: All bidders must register and sign this agreement with the facility prior to bidding.

Sales tax: Sales tax will be collected on the sale price unless no tax is due (such as in the sale of a vehicle or boat, or when the buyer provides a lawful exemption or resale certificate on state comptroller forms.)

Payment: All payments must be made in cash, at the conclusion of the last unit sold at the location of the sale, and before removal of any merchandise from the premises. All items are sold “as-is, where-is” with no representations or warranties of any kind.

A cash cleaning deposit of $50.00 per unit is required.

Removal of items: All items must be removed before Saturday April 22nd at 5:00pm.

Abandonment: Any items not removed by the deadline above will be deemed abandoned, and will no longer be the property of the high bidder. Any remaining items in the unit will be disposed of at the sole discretion of the facility owner. The facility owner will retain any deposit.

Inspection: Bidders may view the items in the unit from the opening of the doorway of the unity ONLY. You may not touch or handle any of the items, or step inside the door. What you see from the door is what you will be bidding on.

Tenant and lienholder right of redemption: All sales are subject to the right of the tenant of the unit, or any lienholder, to redeem the property at any time prior to announcement of the word ‘sold’ by the auctioneer.

Securing the unit: The high bidder must immediately put his/her lock on the unit. The facility reserves the right to overlock the unit until payment is received. The facility owner is not responsible for items taken from the unit after a sale.

Cleaning out unit: All units must be left “broom swept” clean, with all items removed no later than the deadline stated above. All deposit amounts shall be retained if the unit is not left in this state. The dumpster on the property may not be used by buyers. Failure of buyer to abide by this or any other terms of sale will result in denial of future bidding privileges.

Rejection of bids/withdrawal of property: The facility reserves the right to place a minimum bid on any auction item or unit or reject any bid. All sales are subject to the right of the facility to pull all or part of the property from the sale of the item, batch, or unit for any reason.

Personal items: All buyers are required to contact the facility and return any items that may later be found which may be of a personal nature, including but not limited to: scrapbooks, photographs, photograph albums, birth certificates, death certificates, diplomas, tax records, anything with a social security number, marriage certificates, identifying information of any person or entity, and other items of that general nature.

Successful bidders immediately become the new owners of the contents of the unit they have purchased, and are the only persons authorized facility access. Successful bidders may not resell the contents of a unit on site to a third party.

The auctioneer or facility owner reserves the right to make an audio and/or video recording of the auction for verification of the conduct of the sale. The auctioneer at all times, reserves the right to revoke the bidding privileges of any bidder, and/or refuse a bid that is merely a fractional advance of the preceding bid, and/or cancel the sale anytime prior to the announcement of the work ‘sold’. It is the responsibility of the bidder to make sure their bid can be seen or hear by the auctioneer.

Announcements made day of sale supersede any other announcements and information. Terms are subject to change with notice by announcement.

Statement of Understanding / Bidder Registration:
In exchange for being allowed to view and bid at this auction, the undersigned, to the maximum extent permitted by law, releases any auctioneer, the property owner, its manager, agents, employees, officers, shareholders and directors from any and all claims, causes of action or damages of any type arising in any way out of the use or entry on onto the property. I agree that while attending this auction, and/or during the removal of goods from the premises, I assume all risk for personal injury and/or property damage. Neither the facility owner or the auction company, or their principals shall be liable by reason of a defect in or of the condition of the premises at which the auction is held.