The Region's 1st Choice For Auctions!

The Region's 1st Choice For Auctions!

Fall Harvest Antique Tractor Auction - Day 2

by Aumann Auctions - Tractors


Oct 21, 2017 - Auction starts at 10:00 Central


Aumann Auction Center
20114 IL Route 16
Nokomis, IL 62075


Live Auction


Our Annual Fall Antique Tractor Open Consignment Auction! Consign now to be included in all the advertising leading up to the auction! Saturday's auction will be featuring over 175 tractors!

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Conducted By

Aumann Auctions - Tractors

20114 IL Rt. 16
Nokomis, IL 62075


Beckort Auctions, LLC

115 E. Chestnut St.
Corydon, IN 47112


Auction Listing

Fall Harvest Antique Tractor Auction

Aumann Auction Center

20114 Illinois Route 16, Nokomis, IL 62075

Toys, Memorabilia, Literature Selling Friday

Tractor Parts and Implements Selling on Friday Starting at 10am

Tractors Selling on Saturday Starting at 10am

Call our office at (888) 282-8648 or email [email protected] to consign one item or your entire collection!

Consign Early to be included in the Advertising!

Consignments can be stored at our facitliy!


Best 30 Crawler- Sn. 2093, older restoration, Ensign carburetor, American Bosch magneto, drawbar, motor No. 3566, original radiator, good tracks
John Deere 6030 Wheatland- Sn. S313R 034150R, nice original, rare factory non-turbo tractors, drawbar, PTO, dual hydraulics, shows 7141 hours, inside and outside rear wheel weights with dual hooks, Safemark 11.00-16SL and Firestone 24.5 R 32 tires
Oliver Super 99- Sn. 520917-C, restored, standard wide front, gas, fenders, lights, PTO, like new 18.4x34" and Goodyear 7.50-18" tires
John Deere 4020 FWA- Sn. T213R 218575R, front wheel assist, partial repaint, syncro, 3 point, PTO, dual hydraulics, like new Firestone 16.9-38 and like new Firestone 12.4-24 tires, tach shows 2224 hours,
John Deere 620 Orchard- Sn. 6222174, This was THE tractor that the Ertl toy company used as a model to produce their 620 Orchard toy! All fuel, full orchard tin, correct orchard lights, PTO, 16.9x26" and 7.50-16" tires.
Minneapolis Moline G850- Sn. 227 933-676, nice original, diesel, fenders with lights, front starter weight with slab weights, radio, full 3 point with sway blocks, PTO, drawbar, dual hydraulic remotes, tach shows 4355 hours, Goodyear 18.4-38 and Co-op 11-15SL tires
John Deere 830 Standard- Sn. 8301025, restored, electric start diesel, PTO, drawbar, dual hydraulic remote, power steering, cast center wheels, Super Hi Rib 7.50-18 and Goodyear 18.4-34 tires    
Minneapolis Moline UTC High Clearance- Sn. 154800186, restored, gas, PTO, drawbar, clamshell fenders, two sets of rear wheel weights, flat lens headlights, Firestone 7.5-18 and Firestone 13.6-38 tires with 95% tread remaining
1957 Porsche P111- Sn. 111/10708, Fresh from the UK, older repaint, one cylinder diesel engine, air cooled, electric start, PTO, drawbar, BKT 5.00-15 and Firestone 9-24AS,16 km road tag
John Deere 4620- Sn. T813R 014681R, original, diesel, cab with air, 3 point, drawbar, front weights, PTO, dual hydraulics, hydraulic hangers, Firestone 11.00-16 and Co-op 18.4-34 tires, shows 924 hours(not believed to be original),
1955 Allis Chalmers WD-45- Sn. 203082, original, gone through a shop and repaired. Good solid tractor, 3 point hitch
1967 Allis Chalmers D15 Series II- Sn. 23302 Wide front with 3 pt . Always kept in the shed. Purchased at Keller Impl. Co. in Nokomis by Russell Hildebrandt.
Allis Chalmers 40 Combine- Great small combine, older repaint    
Allis Chalmers 720 Lawn and Garden- Repainted with 1 bottom plow
Allis Chalmers CA- Older restoration    
Allis Chalmers D10- Nice older original, side panels are with the tractor, good tires, power shift wheels    
Allis Chalmers WD-45- Original paint, true survivor!    
Allis Chalmers WD45-
Has two row mounted picker    
Allis Chalmers WD45 Parts Tractor-
Allis Chlamers UC High Clearance- Original Thompson Cane LP conversion from Thibodaux, LA    
Blue G-1000- Rare high clearance, International engine UC60 #60CU2014415, Firestone 9.5x24" and 23x8.50-12" turf tires.
Case 600 Case-O-Matic- Repainted, gas, wide front, fenders, lights, PTO, hydraulic remote, 3 point hitch, power steering, nice rubber all the way around
Case R- Sn. 4229680, repainted, Sunburst grill, belt pulley, fenders, PTO, drawbar, electric start, American Bosch magneto
1940 J.I.Case LA- Sn. 4400001, original, runs well.
Cletrac EG Crawler- Sn. 7R24, restored, 68" wide gauge, model EHG368, belt pulley, PTO, drawbar, electric start, front tow hook
Co-op Blackhawk-
Co-op E3 Parts tractor-
Sn. B2-620, Chrysler industrial engine, PTO, one like new front tire, engine is stuck
Cockshutt 1650- Sn. 167974-452, diesel, mounted 74-H Cockshutt 2 row corn picker, like new 15.5x38" Firestones, single front wheel, showing 4491 hours.
1950 Cockshutt 20-Sn. 20891, professional repaint, new rear tires, factory 3 point. Perfect for the tractor parades.
1952 Cockshutt 20- Original, wide front, original Cockshutt tires, front and rear wheel weights, lights, fenders, PTO, 3 point
Cockshutt 40- Repainted, gas, motor no. 351809, nice front rubber, fenders, lights, PTO
Cushman Truckster- Great buggy for the shows!    
1935 Farmall F 12- Sn. 20206. Full Steel, single front and skeleton rear. Power lift. Runs good, no cracks but needs paint.
1935 McCormick Deering W30- Sn. WB4770, nice original, on full steel with lugs and extensions nice running tractor
1942 Farmall H- Sn. 91954, Narrow front, gas, 6 volt starter. Lights, PTO, new plugs and new points. Repainted in July 2017
Farmall B- Sn. 177779, original paint. Gas, Woods #59 belly mower, fenders, lights, PTO, rear wheel weights,Firestone 9.5x24" and like new Firestone 4.00-15" tires
1953 Farmall Super M- Sn. F26434 J, narrow front, gas, 12 volt starter. New plugs, new points. Repainted in July 2017
Farmall F-20- Older repaint, missing tag, narrow front, rear steel and front rubber, belt pulley, round spoke front wheels, PTO,  IHC magneto, missing carburetor
Farmall Super M- Sn. 9099-D, repainted, neat parade tractor with Chrysler V-8 engine, fenders, lights, wide front
1949 Farmall H- Sn. 315667, repainted, gas, wide front, drawbar, fair rubber
1954 Farmall Super C- Sn. 168460, restored narrow front, gas, 90% rubber on the front, PTO, lights
1956 Ferguson F40- Sn. 401238, repainted, fenders, lights, PTO, 3 point, excellent tires
1953 Ford Golden Jubilee- Sn. 35342, runs good and doesn't use any oil, includes original operators manual.
1949 Ford 8N- Sn. 8N175690, loader, hydraulic bucket. Like new tires on front and rear. Serviced, fluids changed and tuned up.
Ford 32 Coupe Lawn & Garden Tractor- Homemade Runs and drives great. Hydro Stat for parades has a 20.5 hp motor
Ford 8N- Sn. 33880, restored, gas, fenders, 3pt, PTO, 11.2x38" and 4.00-19" tires.
Ford 8n Funk Conversion- Sn. 8N4013, 6 cylinder Funk conversion, 3 point, PTO, lights, fenders, nice tires
Ford Jubilee- Sn. NAA 3570, repainted, gas, fenders, lights, PTO, 3 point, fair tires on front and rear
Gravely L Tractor- Sn. 62414, repainted, narrow front, 1 cylinder gas engine, hydrostatic, fenders
International 600 Standard- Diesel, repainted, 2 sets of rear wheel weights, fenders, lights, hydraulics, PTO, drawbar, like new American Famers 7.5-18SL and Maxitrac 16.9-34 tires, missing tag, newer electronic ignition in distributer
International Cub Cadet- Kohler engine #K161S-558975, restored, fenders,  dual rear 6x12" tires (yellow)
International Cub Cadet- Replacement engine, restored, fenders, 6x12" and 3.50-8" tires (red)
International Harvester 1486- Original paint, duals, 3 point hitch, shows 5700 hours
1959 John Deere 430 T- Sn. 146160 Wide front, 3 point hitch with center link. New tires on front and rear and fenders. Always kept in the shed.
1966 John Deere 300 Utility- Sn. t4w1c 036744t, repainted, gas, complete engine rebuild with JD sleeves and pistons, new JD hydraulic pump, 3 point, PTO, drawbar, JD loader, roll bar, rear wheel weights, fenders, Firestone 23 degree rear tires, tach shows 6082 hours
1941 John Deere B- Sn. 136077, older repaint, complete engine rebuild, hand start, Schebler carburetor, PTO, drawbar, like new tires, includes correct seat bracket, rebuilt WICO magneto
John Deere 110- Sn. 185250M, restored, Kohler engine, K181S, #2105290, 23x8.50-12 turf and 16x6.5-8" tires.
John Deere 140- Kohler K301 engine, C048034, triple HYD, turf tires.
John Deere 140- Sn. 013528M, Kohler engine K312 E0119119, like new 23x10.50-12" bar  and 4.00-8" triple rib tires
John Deere 40 Standard- Sn. 60004, restored, 3 point, PTO, drawbar, like new BFG 9.5-24 tires and like new Titan 5.5-15 tires, new seat cushion, lights
John Deere 430 Utility- Sn. 145960, restored, 3 point, PTO, clamshell fenders, lights, tach shows, like new Field Power 13.6-28 tires
John Deere 435 Utility- Sn. 437814, restored, GM diesel engine, power steering, 3 point, PTO, clamshell fenders, tach shows 6362 hours, like new Firestone 13.6-28 tires
John Deere 4620 Open Station-
John Deere 50- Sn. 5011235, original condition, gas,clamshell fenders, lights, PTO, single HYD, HYD cylinder, Wico XB mag, Goodyear 11x38" and like new Armour 5.50-16" tires.
John Deere 530 Row Crop- Sn. 5306224, restored, gas, power steering, 3 piece front weight set, 3 point with sway blocks, clamshell fenders, hydraulic hanger, tach shows 646 hours, rear wheel weights, Firestone 13.6-36 tires with 95% tread remaining
John Deere 5300- Sn. LV5300E630121, diesel, wide front, ROP's w/canopy, PTO, dual HYD, 3pt, showing 4798 hours, poor 14.9x28" rear tires.
John Deere 630 Standard- Sn. 6309197, restored, gas, wheatland fenders, power steering, PTO, drawbar, lights, tach shows 23 hours since replaced, lights, new cushions, like new Akuret 16.9-30 and BKT 7.5-18 tires
John Deere 720 Standard- Sn. 720595, restored, gas, wheatland fenders, power steering, PTO, drawbar, hydraulic outlet, Fidelity 18.4-30 tires with 95% tread
John Deere 730 Standard- Sn. 731186, restored, pony start diesel, power steering, PTO, hydraulic outlet, drawbar, lights, wheatland fenders, Kelly Springfield 18.4-30 tires with 95% tread
John Deere 80 Yard Cart- Sn. 7423, original paint, like new 16x16.5-8" tires
John Deere 820 Diesel- Sn. 8205301, restored, pony start diesel, power steering, PTO, drawbar, hydraulic outlet, tach shows 4245 hours, like new Co-op 18.4-34 rear tires, one set of rear wheel weights,
John Deere 820 Diesel- Sn. 8204066, older repainted, pony start diesel, power steering, PTO, hydraulics, drawbar, tach shows 1583 hours, cast center rear wheels
John Deere Garden Tractor- Sn. 288811M, Custom build, Kohler 6.5hp engine, like new 23x8.50-12" turf and 16x6.50-8" 5 rib tires
John Deere GP- Sn. 211894, restored, rear round spkoe wheels, cut off front spokes, Wico base mount mag, like new Agri-trac 12.4x28" and 5.50-16" tires
John Deere M with Sickle Mower-
1946 Leader- Sn. 122. Runs good, no cracks and looks good. Very few have the Made in Auburn, OH on the tractor like this one does.
Massey Ferguson 98- Strong tractor, nice hitch, wheel weights    
Massey Harris 101- Gas, fenders, PTO, belt pulley, mismatched 11x38" tires (non-running)
Massey Harris 30- Sn. 7696, gas, PTO, fenders, rear wheel weights, 12.4x38" tires.
Massey Harris 30 Row Crop- Narrow front, gas, unrestored. Rear weights, fenders, lights, belt pulley, pto Good running tractor    
Massey Harris 33 Row Crop- Narrow front, unrestored. Fenders, lights, belt pulley, pto
Massey Harris 44- gas, fenders, wide front, PTO, belt pulley, 13"x30" and 5.50"-16" tires in poor condition.  (non-running)
Massey Harris 444- Sn. 75619, LP fuel, wide front, fenders, PTO, 3 pt, poor 15.5x38" tires.
Massey Harris Baler- Sn. 9586, pull type, PTO driven, original condition, open plunger.
Massey Harris Pony- Parts
Massey Harris Pony Vineyard- Fresh from the UK! partial original, gas, front wheel weights, belt pulley, PTO cover, hydrauilc valve, fenders, lights, Firestone 4-15 and Goodyear 9.5-24 tires
Massey Harris Super 101- Sn. 258742, gas, PTO ,belt pulley, poor 12x38" tires
Massey Harris Twin Power 101- Sn. 397203, gas, fenders, PTO, HYD pump, like new 11.2x36" and 5.00-15" fronts
1950 Massey Harris 44- Sn. MHA260G, repainted and setup for pulling, narrow front, front weight bracket, side suitcase weights, rear weights
Massey Pony with Sickle Mower-
McCormick Deering WD-6- Sn. 36052, original condition, nice straight tin, fenders, rear wheel weights, starts nice, lights, drawbar, PTO, umbrella brackets, belt pulley
McCormick W-4 Standard-
1952 Minneapolis Moline UTU- Sn. G114904952, Came with 38 horse power new but now has 64 horse power. 4 3/4 pistons, power steering. Gas, 12 Volt starter with 90% rubber on the front tires and 40% on the rear. Rear wheel weights, fenders, lights, deluxe seat, belt pulley and power steering.
Minneapolis Moline 108 Lawn and Garden- Nice original, front blade, mower deck, rear wheel weights, Kohler engine,
Minneapolis Moline G1000 MFWD- Excellent condition, straight as a pin, ready to work or play!    
Minneapolis Moline G1350- Cab, average use, fires right up!    
Minneapolis Moline G750- Super Nice, Nice Restoration, Runs good, Hitch parts are newer.    
Minneapolis Moline G900- Sn. 33100596, diesel, wide front, fenders, lights, HYD's, PTO, 3 pt, 480x38" and 10.00-16" tires.
Minneapolis Moline GB- Older repaint, LP gas, standard, lights, belt pulley, cast center rear wheels, mismatched rear tires, hydraulics, PTO, drawbar, tag painted over
Minneapolis Moline M670 Super- Nice original unit, gas, mounted 2 row Oliver 210 corn picker, 16.9x34" rear tires,
Minneapolis Moline Sign- 5x6 Billboard Sign. Rare Collector Item
Minneapolis Moline UB Pulling Tractor- Cut tires, setup and ready to hit the dirt track
1966 Minneapolis Moline 670 Super- Sn. 29903237, Wide front, Gas. Front weights, fenders, lights, pto, hyd remote, 3 point, power steering, torque amplifier. Running original.
1966 Minneapolis Moline G1000- Sn. 30500658. 2617 hours Wide front, gas. New front and rear tires. Fenders, lights, deluxe seat, PTO, Hyd remote, 3 point, power steering, torque amplifier, fast hitch. very few gas G-1000's made.
1956 Oliver 770 with Mounted Cultivators- Nice original row crop tractor, roll top fenders with lights    
1957 Oliver Super 77 - Sn. 475507, Gas, rubber, PTO, after market 3 point hitch
1955 Oliver Super 77 Row Crop- Sn. 28985-702 Wide front, IH loader, power steering, steps
Oilver 440- Sn. F140-497, restored, gas, fenders, lights, mounted cultivators, PTO, belt pulley, 3pt, single HYD, front wheel weights, rear wheel weights, like new Firestone 12.4x38" and Firestone 5.00-15" tires.
Oliver 1255 Utility- Sn. 306189, original, Fiat diesel engine, 3 point, PTO, fenders, lights Rekord 13.6-28 tires, non-running
Oliver 1550- Sn. 184-651-506, gas, utility, hydra-power drive, fenders, lights, wide front, 3pt. w/toplink, starter pad front weight, 28" rear spin-out wheels, dual HYD, PTO, power steering, showing 3766 hours, 16.9x28" and 6.50-16" tires.
Oliver 1550- Sn. 190-198-504, gas, hydra-power drive, wide front, fenders, lights, 3 pt. w/toplink, quick-hitch, PTO, single HYD, front weights, rear spin-out wheels, showing 3366 hours, Titan 15.5x38" and Firestone 7.5-15" tires.
Oliver 1600- Sn. 135418-607, diesel, mounted Oliver #74 2 row corn picker, 15.5x38" rear tires, showing 5347 hours
Oliver 1650- Sn. 164389-452, gas, fenders, lights, front weights and rear inner wheel weights, 3pt w/toplink, HYD, PTO, 16.9x34" and 6.50"-16" tires
Oliver 1650- Sn. 151-348-452, original condition, gas, wide front, fenders, light, PTO, dual HYD, 3 pt w/toplink, Firestone 14.9x34" and 11L-15" tires.
Oliver 1655- Sn. 244-786-490, gas, fenders, lights, wide front, front weights, PTO, 3 pt w/toplink, rear wheel weights, 16.9x34" and 7.50-15" tires, 5911 hours showing on meter.
Oliver 1750 Row Crop- Sn. 208 749-427, repainted, gas, 3 point, two sets of rear wheel weights with dual hooks, front stack weights, fenders with lights, PTO, dual hydraulics, reproduction battery box, tach shows 3894 hours,
Oliver 1800 Checkerboard- Sn. 94-727-889, model 18-1107, partial repaint, gas, fenders, lights, PTO, 3 pt, dual HYD, rear wheel weights, front starter weight, 3140 hours showing on tach, like new Alliance 18.4x38" and like new Firestone 7.50-15" tires.
Oliver 1855 Row Crop- Sn. 241 735-685, repainted, diesel, fenders with lights, front starter weight, 3 point with top link, dual remote, shows 896 hours (not believed to be original), PTO, drawbar, power shift rear wheels, dual hooks, Firestone 18.4-34 tires
Oliver 2255 MFWD- Good runner, good tires, nice paint    
Oliver 550- Sn. 24247-019, original paint, gas, fenders, lights, ROPS w/canopy, 3pt, PTO, single HYD, front weights, powewr steering, 13.6x26" and 6.00-16" tires.
Oliver 660- Sn. 88577-606, restored, gas, fenders, lights, PTO, dual HYD, steps, 55 hours showing on a new tach, rear wheel weights, Armstrong 11.2x38" and Firestone 5.50-16" tires.
Oliver 70- Sn. 258834, rerstored, gas, fenders, lights, PTO, like new 12.4x38" and 5.50-16" single rib tires
Oliver 70 Row Crop- 1944 Narrow front, Like new tires
Oliver 880- Sn. 48-0017-7378-873, restored, diesel, wide front, fenders w/extensions, lights, starter front weight, dual HYD, PTO, 2 sets of rear inner wheel weights, toolbox, rear bullet tailight, steps, warning light, showing 1768 hours, new battery, new radiator, gear reduction starter, precleaner, has build card as "Mist Green" like new Firestone 15.5x38 and Carlise 6.50-16' tires.
Oliver 880- Sn. 91233-872, original paint, gas, wide front, fenders, lights, PTO, 3pt, single HYD, 15.5x38" and 6.50-16" tires
Oliver 880- Sn. 78825-873, gas, fenders w/extensions, lights, dual HYD, PTO, steps, power steering, 2 set of inside rear wheel weights, 4 hours showing on a new tach, like new Firestone 15.5x38" and Pennsylvania 6.00-16" tires
Oliver 880 LP- LP, High Crop, Restored, has build card, runs great, beautiful restoration!    
1949 Oliver 77 Row Crop- gas, mounted Oliver #4 two row corn picker, M&W super-snoot, 11x38" tires.
Oliver OC-6 Crawler- Sn. 3503788, restored, gas, rubber track pads, PTO
Oliver Rowcrop 60- Sn. 617800, restored, gas, fenders, lights, PTO, rear wheel weights, mounted cultivators, like new Firestone 9.5x32 and like new Firestone 5.00-15" tires
Oliver Row crop 66- Sn. 431182, repaint, gas, fenders, lights, PTO, dual HYD, rear steps, rear wheel weights, bullet tail light, 11.2x38" and 5.00-15" tires.
Oliver Row crop 77- Sn. 340-187-C77D, gas, fenders, lights, PTO, belt pulley, dual HYD, brass throttle handle, steps, HYD cylinder, Firestone 13.6x38" and Harvest King 6.00-16" tires.
Oliver Row crop 80- Sn. 113886, repaint, gas, fenders, PTO, RV4B mag, like new Goodyear 12.4x42" and Firestone 6.00-16" tires
Oliver Row crop 88- Sn. ???, gas, fenders, lights, dual HYD, PTO, inner rear wheel weights, steps, aftermarket power steering, like new Firestone 13.6x38" and Firestone 6.00-16" tires
Oliver Super 44- Sn. 1730400, restored, gas, wide front, 60" belly mower, fenders, lights, PTO, inside front wheel weights, one set of rear wheel weights, Goodyear 12.4x24" and Deestone 5.00-15" tires.
Oliver Super 44- Sn. 1433400, restored, gas, wide front, fenders, lights, 3 pt, PTO, like new BFG 11.2x24" and 5.00-15" tires.
Oliver Super 55- Sn. 23673-518, gas, wide front, fenders, lights, 3pt, PTO, single HYD, like new 12.4x24" and 5.50-16" tires.
Oliver Super 66- Sn. 52289-606, restored, gas, wide front, fenders, lights, PTO, like new 13.6x38" and 5.50-16" tires
Oliver Super 77- Sn. 47557-702, gas, fenders, lights, HYD's, aftermarket 3pt, 13.6x38" tires.
Oliver Super 77- Sn. 15697-702, restored, gas, wide front, fenders, lights, single HYD, PTO, like new 13.6x38" BFG's and 5.50-16" fronts
Oliver Super 77 Row Crop- Sn. 28 567-702, gas, original, 3 point, fenders, lights, PTO, narrow front, bullet tail light, Goodyear 12-38 tires
Oliver Super 88- Sn. 10219-801, restored, gas, wide front, fenders, lights, PTO, single HYD, like new BFG 13.6x38" and 5.50-16" tires.
Oliver Super 88- Sn. 37553-801, partial repaint, gas, wide front, fenders, lights, PTO, dual HYD, like new Alliance 14.9x38" and Firestone 2 rib 6.00-16" tires.
Ransoms MG2 Crawler- Very neat crawler imported from the UK, 1 cylinder air cooled engine, cultivator bracket, electric start
Rare Mayrath Hay Elevator- very small tow behind model    
Sheppard SD-3 Row Crop- Sn. 3-6345, older repaint, 3 cylinder diesel, wide front, PTO, drawbar, belt pulley, fenders, Goodyear 12-38 rear tires
Silver King 42- Sn. 6697, repainted, single front, fenders, belt pulley, needs new front tire, rear tires rough
1941 Silver King- Sn. 5084, repainted, four wheel model, lights, fenders
US Army Deuce and a Half- Excellent original paint, a lot of truck!    
White 2255- Cab, starts right up, good running condition    
1919 Empire Cream Separator- Sn. 40179 Runs well, on cart
1929 McCormick Deering M-Excellent runner, new hot magneto    


CATALOG: Aumann Auctions has put forth every effort in preparing the catalog for this auction to provide accurate descriptions of all items. All lots are sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS, with all faults, imperfections and errors of description. Due diligence is the responsibility of the bidder/buyer. Printed statements or descriptions by staff are provided in good faith and are matters of opinion.
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DEFAULT OF BUYER: Successful bidder not paying for items at the end of the auction will be considered in default. Such default by the Successful Bidder will result in that Bidders liability to both the Seller and Aumann Auctions, Inc. Seller shall have the right to (a) declare this contractual agreement cancelled and recover full damage for its breach, (b) to elect to affirm this contractual agreement and enforce its specific performance or (c) Seller can resell the items either publicly or privately with Aumann Auctions, Inc. and in such an event, the Buyer shall be liable for payment of any deficiency realized from the second sale plus all costs, including, but not limited to the holding/transporting/storage costs of the items, the expenses of both sales, legal and incidental damages of both the Seller and Aumann Auctions, Inc. In addition, Aumann Auctions, Inc. also reserves the right to recover any damages separately from the breach of the Buyer. The purchaser agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred by Aumann Auctions, Inc. in the collection of funds. The purchaser also agrees that a storage/handling fee of 2% per month be added to the balance of any unpaid balance due Aumann Auctions, Inc. and any other costs or losses incurred by the Buyers failure to adhere to these terms. Any debt collection or dispute proceedings will be litigated or arbitrated in Montgomery County, Illinois at the option of both the Seller and Aumann Auctions, Inc.
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Your bid on this auction indicates both an understanding and an acceptance of the terms of this contractual agreement between yourself and both Aumann Auctions, Inc. and the Seller and that you, as the Bidder, are prepared to purchase items under these terms and conditions.

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