The Region's 1st Choice For Auctions!

The Region's 1st Choice For Auctions!

Premier Firearms Auction of 2017 - U.S. & German WWII & Pre 1898

by House Auction Company, Inc.


NOV. 29 thru DEC. 12, 2017 - ONLINE ONLY AUCTION - Bidding ENDS Tuesday - DECEMBER 12, 2017 at 6:00 PM Eastern


Extraordinary Firearms Auction from 3 Collections - US & German WW
Rare circa 1800`s American & English Rifles, Shotguns & Pistols
New Bern, NC 28560


Online Only Auction

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Conducted By

House Auction Company, Inc.

885 Marshallberg Rd.
P.O. Box 220
Marshallberg, NC 28553


Auction Listing

Online Gun Auction of WWII U.S.and German Military Arms, Fine Early English & American Firearms from 1800's to early 1900's, including Civil War Arms, DWM and ERFURT Lugers, Walther P38 and PPK, COLT SAA & Sheriff's Model, U.S. Springfield, Saginaw & IBM .30 M! Carbines and much more, all offered for sale at Online Auction - by House Auctions, Inc.


Premier Firearms Auction from 3 Extraordinary Collections - including The Lifetime Firearms Collection of iconic outdoor writer & author Bob Simpson, Firearms from the Legendary Collection of Dave Auringer and very rare and eclectic WWII and early 1900's firearms from an impressive collection from the Triangle Region of North Carolina, all offered for sale for the first time at Public Online Auction !!!


PREVIEW - Sunday December 10th  from 1:30 to 4:30 PM

                          East 70 Pawn, 3317 US HWY 70 E, New Bern, NC


OnLine  Only  Auction - Bidding Now LIVE


Bidding  ENDS  Tuesday, DECEMBER  12th  at  6:00 PM  Eastern


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WAFFENFABRIK MAUSER OBERNDORF A/N 1898, Cal. 275 Mauser Cartridge, Serial # 33995
BROWNING BOLT ACTION, Caliber .300 H & H Mag., Made in Belgium, with fine scope, Serial # 3L18276
WESTLEY RICHARDS & CO. Side by Side Rifle, Caliber WR .300 Sherwood, Serial # T5889
GEORGE SMITH London Double Barrel .50 Caliber / Bore Rifle, Serial # 102
Original U.S. REMINGTON MODEL 1903 Modified Caliber .30 Military bolt action, circa Nov. 1942, Serial # 3273754
U.S. SPRINGFIELD Model M22  .22 Caliber Bolt Action Training Rifle, Serial # 10491
WINCHESTER Model 1906 Pump Action .22 Cal. Rifle, circa 1925, Serial # 636880
REMINGTON LIGHT BABY CARBINE, .44-40 WCF Cal. Rolling Block Rifle, circa late 1800's
English made CALVERT Double Barrel Shotgun, .14 ga./bore with rifled barrels, circa mid to late 1800's. Serial # L1965
JOHN MANTON & SON 16 ga. Double Barrel Pin-fired Hammers Shotgun, Serial # 7709
English made 12 ga. Double Barrel Percussion Muzzle Loading Shotgun, circa early 1800's
English made Percussion Muzzle Loading Shotgun, 12 ga. With appropriate London proof marks, circa early 1800's
H.H. SCHULTE Percussion Muzzle Loading Rifle, .36 Cal., Made in Pittsburgh, circa 1870
Flintlock Muzzle Loading Kentucky Rifle Early Reproduction, .45 Cal., circa 1960's
Percussion Muzzle Loading Early Reproduction Rifle in .45 Cal. Used in Marksmanship  Competition by Bob Simpson
H & R REISING Model 65 .22 Cal. LR Semi-Auto WWII Era Training Rifle, Serial # 6907
ITHACA Model 49 Cal. .22 Magnum Lever Action Single Shot, 18 inch barrel, Serial # 166896
REMINGTON Model 11-A, BROWNING A-5 Design, 12 ga. Semi-Auto Shotgun, circa 1918, Serial # 198165
COLT Single Action Army First Generation Revolver, .45 COLT Cal., circa 1903, Excellent condition, Serial # 235691
COLT U.S. ARMY Model 1917 Double Action Revolver, .45 ACP Cal., Government No. 52140, COLT Serial # 197097
SMITH & WESSON .44 Cal. Russian Model Revolver, circa 1874, Serial # 50143
REMINGTON Model 1861 ARMY Percussion Cap & Ball Revolver, .44 Cal., circa 1861
COLT Model 1903 Pocket Hammer .38 ACP Rimless Smokeless Automatic, with special artifacts, Serial # 20904
COLT Model 1911 U.S. ARMY Stamped "UNITED STATES PROPERTY" No. 188122
COLT .22 SERVICE MODEL CONVERSION UNIT (Floating Chamber), in original box with documents.
WEBLEY Model MARK VI Top-Break Revolver, .455 Webley Cal., circa 1918, with WEBLEY .22 Cal. Conversion Kit, Serial # 390328
COLT OFFICIAL POLICE Cal. .38 Special, circa 1949, all original, Serial # 776420
SMITH & WESSON Model K-22  .22 LR Cal. Revolver, circa 1848, Serial # K50134
HIGH STANDARD, MODEL H-D MILITARY,  .22 LR Cal. Semi-Auto in original box, Serial # 195855
HIGH STANDARD SPORT KING, Model SK-100, Lightweight, .22 LR Cal., Serial # 614144
HOPKINS & ALLEN - BLUE JACKET No. 2  .32 Cal. Rim fire, nickel finish.
COLT 2ND Generation MODEL 1860 Percussion Revolver, .44 Cal., Serial # 209815
MANTON & CO. Percussion Cap & Ball Reproduction Revolver, .44 Cal., with display case, Serial # 6849
DIXIE GUN WORKS Reproduction COLT Style NAVY Percussion Cap & Ball Revolver, .36 Cal., Serial # 773
RYAN & SON Matching Pair of Dueling flintlock pistols, .54 Cal., circa early 1800's
Original early 1800's British Flintlock with TOWER touch mark on side plate, "GR" beneath a crown.
BRASHER British Flintlock Pistol, circa early 1800's, with British makers proof marks on barrel.
ARMS CO., RIDGEFIELD, NJ. Rolling Block .357 Mag. Single Shot Pistol, Serial # 05111
Other Collections:
WWII  German Model MG42 8mm (Demilled, Non-Functional)
SAGINAW M1 Carbine, .30 Cal. From Red River Army Depot, Texarkana
IBM CORP., M1 Carbine, .30 Cal., Barrel date October 1943, Serial # 3698961
COLT AR15A2, M6520. Restricted Government Carbine, G/MIL/LE use only. 5.56. Serial # LGC016867
GALIL Golani Sporter, .223, New in Box
COLT HBAR Match Target 5.56, Serial # CMH034171
DWM Luger, 9mm, double date, Reichswehr Ministry marked
ERFURT Luger, 9mm WWI, 1918, Serial #1941
DWM Luger, P.08, 9mm, WWI Infantry Unit marked
DWM Luger, .30 Cal., Commercial  Serial # 9342
WALTHER (Mauser) BYF44, 9mm, with holster,  Serial # 6718D
WALTHER P38, 9mm, AC42, Serial  # 2080J, 
FABRIQUE NATIONALE M1922, .32 Cal. Nazi, WWII, with bring back papers, box of soldiers mementos, Serial # 47570B
FABRIQUE NATIONALE  Hi Power, 9mm, Nazi issue, # 84317A
FABRIQUE NATIONALE  M1922, .32 Cal. Nazi military markings #162840
WALTHER PP., .32 Cal., pre-war, rare RFV model, "Reichsfinanzverwaltung"
MAUSER, Model HSC, .32 Cal., Nazi Military marked. Serial # 900708
RADOM P.35 VIS, 9mm, early Nazi marks, 3 lever
WALTHER PPK .32 Cal., WWII, Serial # 404339K
COLT M1878, .45 Cal., Alaskan/Philippine Constabulary, US marked, RAC inspected
SMITH & WESSON Victory Model  .38 Special Cal.
COLT 1903 Pocket Hammer, .38ACP, 4.5" barrel, # 28233
COLT Combat Commander, .45 Cal., 70SC83341, Satin Nickel
COLT Single Action Army, .44SP/44-40, Sheriff's/Shopkeeper's Model, case hardened frame, two cylinders (.44sp, 44-40), COLT display case, manual
HI STANDARD Supermatic Citation, .22 LR, scope, Serial # G01518
TAURUS Model PT99, 9mm, box and papers,  Serial # TZK46445
COLT AUTOMATIC - Model 1908 Hammerless, .25 Cal., Serial # 132811
NAMBU, 8mm, 1944, matching magazine, Serial # 10024
NAMBU, 8mm, matching mag, action stuck, Serial # 50968
REMINGTON Fieldmaster, .22 S, L & LR
THOMAS PARKER 16 ga. Percussion cap, side by side muzzle loading shotgun, circa 1857
LEFAUCHEUX Pin Fire Double Barrel Drop Breech Shotgun, circa late 1830's, 12 ga. Extraordinary condition, Serial # 789
EDWARD MIDDLETON 16  ga. Percussion Cap side by side shotgun English made, circa 1848, with 33 in. Laminated Steel barrels
MARSHALL ARMS CO. 12 ga. Side by side with nice steel barrels, Serial # 52919
FOLSOM ARMS CO.  12 ga. Double Barrel shotgun, steel barrels, with hammers, 30 in. barrels.  Serial # 189117
Early American percussion cap 12 ga. Muzzle loading side by side, with fine damascus barrels, circa 1840's
MAUSER Bolt Action Repeater Conversion from WWI German Rifle to 12 ga. Shotgun, Rare & Unusual, Serial # 1267
JAPANESE WWII Military Service Rifle w/ Bayonet, w/ Japanese insignia & letters stamped on top of receiver, Serial # 27360
FUSIL GRAS M80 Model 1866-76, French service rifle of the 19th century, Bolt action, 32.5 in. Barrel, Serial # L51765
TOWER Flintlock Rifle, with Crown over GR, with bayonet, Very fine reproduction of British Military Flintlock, Serial # 3959
CONFEDERATE 8 gauge percussion cap muzzle loading Bow gun/Shotgun, circa 1840's. Serial # N/A
MARKWELL ARMS CO. .45 Cal. Percussion Black Powder Muzzle Loading Rifle, Serial # D4094
CIVIL WAR Reproduction percussion cap muzzle loader, .58 cal.
.45 cal. Percussion Cap 1700's style reproduction black powder rifle. Excellent, like new condition
RIVERSIDE ARMS 12 GA. Single Barrel Shotgun, 18-1/16 inch barrel
MOSSBERG Model 500C 20 ga. Pump Shotgun, Serial # 020169

VICTOR Model  I/1, 6 mm GLATT Youth Single Shot Rifle, 18 in. barrel, Serial # 153


House Auction Company, Inc.

PO Box 220, Marshallberg, NC 28553 


NCAL# 7889 & NCAL # 7435